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I am so lucky to go to work each day knowing that I am doing something I love. The children of TVA are an inspiration and their love for dance, their refreshing attitude and their strive to achieve keeps the passion alive.  The Academy is flourishing and growing more successful each year and this is showing in performances and exam success’. The  dance school opened in Bromborough in September 2005 as The Victoria Academy of Dance & Drama and has gone from strength to strength. With now over 250 pupils, the school is growing and more and more children and adults are enjoying classes and achieving goals.


Our ISTD classes are becoming more and more popular. These classes allow us to stretch the children’s technical ability and provide them with a solid education which opens doors for those who wish to pursue a career in dance and performing arts. We pride ourselves in a very high success rate in all genres.


We find a perfect balance of work and fun by including our annual performance medals into our timetable. These take a more relaxed approach which allow the children to just enjoy movement, performance and dance without the exam pressure. The children love these medal tests and are rewarded for their efforts when receiving certificates and medals at our awards day each year.


Along side our exam and medal work we also pride ourselves in producing one of the best amature stage productions in the North West. Our annual 'Showtime' comes second to none in terms of standard, performance, costume and most importantly, enjoyment of dance.


We are proud that we set ourselves aside from other schools as we manage to produce a high standard annual show without neglecting our syllabus work. We work on both alongside each other throughout the year. This is something very rare but we, at The Victoria Academy, have it down to a fine art!


This leads me on to talk about our Comp Teams.  Competitions are a integral part of life at The Victoria Academy.  All of our pupils strive to be part of our audition-selected teams. We encourage loyalty, dedication, hard work and attention to detail and this ethos has led our teams to the success we are so proud of today. The masses of silverware displayed in our reception area are living proof of our constant achievements.





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Dance school address: 1 Dawpool Drive, Bromborough, Wirral,  CH62 6DE