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Classes, Fees and Timetable

The school is open to children at age 2½ and at this age they join the prep class (after waiting on our very long waiting list!). In this class they study tap, ballet, modern and some drama & singing is integrated into their work. As the child approaches age 5 they move up to primary level were ideally they study all subjects separately.  (N.B. the child who studies all subjects is most likely to progress quicker as with any skill.)


Primary level is were the child can start to study for I.S.T.D exams.

ISTD lessons are in ballet, tap and modern. These are advised for children who endeavour to reach high standard of dance or, indeed,  may want to take dancing as a career. These classes are designed for technique to be instilled yet the fun element is also a key factor. All 3 subjects are advised to achieve an all-round high standard of dance. ( N.B This exam board is now QCA recognised which means it is recognised by the non-dance world and the higher grades are equivalent to GCSE level)


From Primary the child progresses through the grades( grade1, grade 2 and so on) up to student level where ,if having studied all subjects at a high standard, can then go on to college auditions etc to pursue a career in dance if they so wish. Please note: a candidate will not be accepted into any college without a good, varied back ground of dance, tap & ballet are vital and should be instilled at as early age as possible.


Other classes are on offer as they go through this journey are jazz, hiphop, musical theatre, showclasses(extra dances in the show) and competition classes (auditions in November).


Children will obviously start dancing at different ages. They will be fitted in to the appropriate class taking age and ability into consideration.


Not all of our pupils intend to dance as a career but we ensure that we give all pupils the opportunities they need to achieve the highest possible standard so they have as many options as possible. Those who will never use Dancing later in life will still get many benefits as dancing is an excellent way to keep fit and a fantastic hobby.

Fees for all subjects are payable on a monthly basis, for 11 months of the year. It is calculated so that each monthly payment is the same, regardless of holidays etc.



Prep Class £15.00 p/m

Ballet £15.00 p/m

Tap £15.00 p/m

Modern £15.00 p/m

Jazz £15.00p/m

Musical Theatre £13.00 p/m

Commercial/Hiphop £13.00 p/m

Showclass £10.00 p/m*

Comp Class £10.00 p/m*

Extra Rehearsals for trips £10.00 p/m*

Pointe Class £10.00 p/m*


* Discount classes. Children must be in other full paying classes to join these classes.




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Timetable Sept 2019